Crock pot meal food prep (Gluten free & Vegan options)

1eaae0_3a750863eec24e8f9d32a973b195e49c1eaae0_bcc5f7c13d7e4aee8a1873929b5c8e86Meal planning is the best way to make sure you stay on track with eating healthy clean options and saving time during the week. It is those times when you haven't planned what you are going to eat that you make really bad decisions and compromise your healthy eating habits. This is not the time of year you want to be eating take out all the time! You will find your immune system compromised and not feeling your best.

These meals are all meant to be gluten free recipes and can be vegan by removing meat from 4 of the 5 meals. You can choose to have buns or tortilla wraps with a few of the recipes if you are not gluten free. These recipes are very adaptable so buy organic and fresh produce where you can or sub ingredients to your liking.

There are VERY healthy options and some not so healthy options as far as garnishing and choosing soy sauce (remember soy isn't a great choice, but if you have it at home and don't want to buy the other options no worries).

When prepping for freezer crock pot meals I like to write on my freezer bags ahead of time how to cook the meal and what I will need the day off cooking. That way the ink doesn't smear.

All meals should have 4-6 servings. Some may be able to have as left overs or freeze left overs for another time. You can also stretch out meals by serving extra veggies on the side. Any of the ingredients that I have separated with a line are ingredients you need the day of cooking not the day of food prep.

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Steak strip or Chicken fajitas

White Chicken Chili

Chicken enchilada quinoa

Chicken tortilla soup