Top Holiday Swag for Aspiring Young Athletes


Shopping for holiday gifts for teens and kids can leave even the most connected parent feeling stumped. Keeping up with current trends can seem impossible, but if the kids on your holiday shopping list are athletes, you may have a little more luck. Finding gear that keeps your kids active while keeping them looking sharp can be simple if you know what to look for. Here are some of the hottest holiday gifts that your student-athlete will love — and actually use.


On Point Presents for High School Athletes


If you have a rising sports star on your holiday shopping list, you can score extra points by picking up gifts that will improve their performance. For the basketball players in your life, sporting the latest and greatest shoes will help them stand out on and off the court, but having good shoes can prevent injuries as well. A quality pair of basketball shoes will allow your player to hustle across the court, make quick pivots, and stay balanced on slick surfaces. Some of the best basketball kicks you can get right now include Nike Men’s Air Max Audacity and Adidas Performance Men’s Crazy Explosive basketball shoes. Got some female ballers on your list? Well, they no longer need to feel left out or stuck with less stylish options. LeBron James teamed up with Nike to create his very first women’s shoe to keep female players fresh on the court. These sneakers are all about female empowerment, so your girls are sure to love them.


Fitness Trackers for Exercise Enthusiasts


For young athletes, success is all about consistent training. The kids on your list who are passionate about sports and other physical activity are also likely to be passionate about their health and performance. That is a good thing, and a habit you want to encourage in your kids and younger family members. Childhood obesity is an ever-present epidemic among American children as television and smartphones keep more kids indoors and on the couch. But you can use an interest in technology to further fuel that interest in sports. Fitness trackers connect to those favorite devices and give your kids information on their movement, heart rate, and even sleeping habits. Unlike smartwatches, some trackers tend to be less expensive too, so you won’t be too stressed if your kids lose or damage their new gadget. However, if you do feel like splurging on a smartwatch, you could have the added benefit of being able to connect with your kid while he/she is on the go, without worrying about them carrying a bulky cell phone.


Hiking and Camping Gear for Outdoor Explorers


Some kids prefer to practice their passions outside, and that can come with some added benefits for their overall health. Outdoor activities, from hiking to skiing to rowing, are great ways for children to stay active and spending time in nature can also be a good way to manage mental health. Even better for students, a little fresh air can improve academic performance. So, help your kids stay in touch with their love of the great outdoors. Female hikers will love getting boots that can take them from the woods to the mall in style, all while keeping their toes dry and comfortable. A new backpack is also a fun gift option for any young athlete to help them keep their gear under control. Many backpacks can also double as a bag for school, so your child can show off their new gift when winter break is over.


Finding the perfect gift for your young athletes this season can be easy, so long as you know where to look for the latest styles and best gear. So, keep this article on-hand and do your homework as you start shopping, but also do a little homework on your own as well. And when all else fails, ask your kids what they would like or what would help them perform better in their athletic passions and pursuits.


Anya Williams



Photo Credit: Unsplash