What are Essential Oils?

Essential Oils are the volatile liquids and aromatic compounds that are distilled or compressed from plants. They have been used for thousands of years and have over 250 references in the bible.

Characteristics of Genuine Essential Oils

    • Essential Oils quickly penetrate the tissues of the skin. They enter the bloodstream within 26 seconds.
    • Essential Oils have many constituents, including sesquiterpenes which have the ability to pass the blood-brain-barrier.
    • Do Not Expire
    • Essential Oils contain powerful antioxidants
    • Essential Oils benefit the body in several ways: elevate mood, support overall wellness, maintain healthy body systems, promote relaxation and much more!

How to use Essential Oils



Using essential oils aromatically can be done a couple different ways. First you can use a diffuser from Young Living to diffuse oils in your home, office or car to receive emotionally uplifting benefits and purify the air. Second, you can put a couple drops in your hands and cup your hands over your nose and mouth, then take a couple deep breaths in. Thirdly, you can smell directly from the bottle receiving benefits from the essential oil.


Many oils are safe to apply directly to the skin. Lavender is safe to use on children without dilution. When starting an Essential Oil application, depending on which oil you use, you may want to test the skin for sensitivity by applying the oil first to the bottom of the feet. When applying essential oils to yourself, use 1-2 drops of oil on 2-3 locations twice a day. Dilute with a carrier oil when needed (hot oils, large areas). Carriers oil are fatty oils, for example, coconut oil, almond oil, grapeseed oil, olive oil.


Please keep in mind that I am ONLY referring to Young Living Essential Oils when ingesting essential oils. I can't speak for other oil companies or know where those oils are coming from, much less if they are adulterated or have synthetic ingredients in them. When using Young Living Vitality oils you can place essential oils in your drink using a glass or stainless steel container to drink out of. You can also put a couple drops under your tongue or take the oils in a capsule.

Why Young Living?

Quality counts! When it comes to something I am going to put on my body, use on my children or take internally you can bet that I am going to do my research and make sure I am using the best of what is out there and not skimp any corners.


To learn more how Young Living proudly sets the standard for authenticity and purity, visit their Seed to Seal site.


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