I know that it can be overwhelming when you are looking at making changes in your life. That is where I come in! I can guide you. I have already been there and done that. There really is no need for you to make the mistakes that I made or go through a long learning curve. Let me help you get there quickly. It really depends on what your goals are and what area in your life you are wanting to address.

I can teach you one on one how to remove chemicals from your home and show you how to make your own products. I promise it doesn’t take any time to do this and will save you a ton of money. My laundry detergent takes maybe 5 minutes max to make and last me at least 2 months. It takes you longer than that to run to the store to buy a laundry detergent and it will be full of chemicals.

Is it nutrition that has you stumped? I have had to remove gluten and dairy from our family’s diet because both of my sons have reactions when they eat those foods. You don’t have to go gluten and dairy free, but I can definitely help you find the ease in planning your meals. It is about learning how to meal prep to make cooking easier. So whether you need help learning what foods to eat, prepping food, or just learning how to read ingredients so you know what you are eating. We can take baby steps and get you there.


Maybe you are interested in helping others live a healthy lifestyle, remove toxins from their home and would like to learn how you can share this information with other people all while making some extra income while doing it. I will be with you every step of the way guiding you and showing the ins and outs of building your own Young Living Essential Oil business. Set up your appointment with me today and tell me what you are interested in.